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11/13/17: Very Happy Fishing Guests! We know the steelhead season is rocking when guests post reviews on their cabins before they've even left; send us photos of fish they caught; and we get inquiries for lodging from people we don't know. 

Of course, that happens all year, but more so when steelhead pictures make their way into the heads of strangers. Check the shots above for Collin & Diane's photos from last weekend. These pictures really capture what it takes to get the shot; there are sometimes a few mishaps along the way, but the fish almost always are lovingly eased back into the water.

10/11/17: The Fall Fishing Report/See our Newsletter for the whole story on a monster of a fish that was caught by Noah, who was up here with his family in the early fall. 

The Trinity River is home to a fantastic array of fish, including salmon, steelhead, German brown trout and rainbow trout.
Lewiston Lake and Trinity Lake offer excellent fishing as well, and the tributaries are also very popular.

Steelhead fly fishing on the Trinity is easily one of the most popular and addictive forms of fishing and it's practiced with zeal by dedicated fishers. These people glory in the icy air and frigid waters of this winter sport, and little can compare to the look on their faces when they catch their first steelhead. This falls somewhere in the same class as holding their first child; sometimes above it.

Fall offers salmon and steelhead, as well as trout in the Trinity. Winter is an enormous steelhead season here and guests return year after year for it. Spring fishing is affected by the annual river flow increase from Trinity dam. The dates and release flows vary annually and the river blows out for a while, but rainbow and German brown trout and late steelhead are in there. Summer fishing includes rainbow trout, German Brown trout and salmon. 

Contact the guides and other resources farther down on this page for information on what works and what doesn't. 
For fishers new to the area, especially the Trinity, we can't say this firmly enough: Go with a guide at least once to learn about the basics for our waters. You might always choose to fish with a guide after that, or you may do what many of our guests do, which is to fish afterward on their own. Nobody has ever told us they didn't get a lot out of a guided trip, nor that they felt the money was wasted. It's not.  
Check out these recommended guide services. Give us a call if you need more suggestions:
Sweet Trinity Guide Service: Travis Michel. Consistently, our guests have been very pleased with Travis' service. He's an articulate, knowledgeable guide who shows good reasoning in his choices of where to fish. We ran into him with two of our guests at Bucktail put-in, across the river from our place in the fall one year. He said there were certainly steelhead in the system earlier that month and they were strong throughout the river, but more plentiful down around Junction City. 

But he chose to fish Old Bridge to Steel Bridge, taking advantage of a gorgeous day so his clients, Connor Moncrief and his charming dad, could fish all day and avoid the congestion downstream. They'd bank fished down there the day before and saw some cranky fishers stacked like cordwood, so good decision, Travis.  Earlier fall guests had the same reaction to him: "We highly recommend Travis," they wrote, "we had a great day in his drift boat." 530.623.4695

Trinity Fly Shop: A true original. Owned by Herb, who guides, and Pat, his wife, who ties beautiful flies. Located on Lewiston Road near One Maple Winery. 530.623.6757. Herb has been guiding on the Trinity for over 30 years and while it may be tricky getting a slot with him, nobody knows this river better. 

Steve's Trinity Guide Service: Several guests use Steve's and really speak well of him. He's been here a long time and he really knows his stuff. Call (530) 623-2112 or email:

Mark Papazian owns Western Waters Guide Services . At the age of 3, Mark was hooking fish and his dog was knocking them off.
Mark likes to say he perfected catch and release well before it was fashionable. Email him or call 530.321.7452.
Ask if you need to bring your dog in order to release fish. (Don't miss the picture on his guide profile. Holy Moly.)

The Fly Shop (Redding, just off I-5): Offering a great, fully stocked and beautiful store, as well as full guide services for many of our northern state's rivers and steams, The Fly Shop is mecca for fly fishers. 4140 Churn Creek Road, Redding, CA 96002   530.222.3555

There are a lot of different approaches to fishing, so it makes sense there are all kinds of guides out there.
It's important to use guides who have permits for our waters.
Here is the complete BLM List.FISHING GUIDES & INFORMATION
Fishing Information, Gear & Bait:
Plug ‘n’ Jug Market/Lewiston: Trinity Dam Boulevard and Lewiston Road. Fishing licenses, bait, tackle groceries. 530.778.3730
Trinity Outdoors/Weaverville: Full service fishing & outdoors shop. Located in the same shopping center Tops Market and CVS are in. 530.623.4999
Photo at Alpen Glow: 
Dan Kemper, hatchery fish (all others released) , Jim Harwood

Dunsmuir/McCloud Fishing

 Because we rely a lot on what our guests report on their Siskiyou fishing trips, we have two solid suggestions for guests at our Dunsmuir Alpine Fish & Ski Haus.
The first is to walk about 10 minutes from the haus to Ted Fay Fly Shop where you will always get good, trustworthy advice . 
Ted Fay Fly Shop
5732 Dunsmuir Avenue
Dunsmuir, CA 96025
(530) 235-2969
A 50 year institution in Dunsmuir. Fly fishers have to drop in this shop for local knowledge, guide service, good humor and great gear. Just a few blocks from us in downtown Dunsmuir; can't miss it.

Suggestion #2 is Wayne Eng, Fishing Guide Supreme. Bob Papazian and his wife, Peggy are two of our favorite guests at our Trinity River Adventure Inn cabins, and they have been fly fishing for a long time. Of Wayne, Bob says, "He is absolutely the best fishing guide (& most decent person) I've met in Dunsmuir. He taught both my boys how to fly fish years ago & has God-like patience as he does it."
Wayne Eng Fishing Guide
5356 River Avenue Dunsmuir, CA 96025
(530) 235-4018


"The trip was awesome! Drifted 20 miles of river in two boats. Saw lots of river and beautiful country; 29 steelhead.
We really enjoyed the cabin. Had a good dinner and played  some poker. Usually we book a hotel, but this was so much better.
We all have stressful jobs, and just sitting on the porch was very relaxing. I can't wait for salmon season. Thank you very much."
  Henry Trudell/Vallejo, CA
"Hi Guys, I just wanted to say thanks for letting us stay at Alpen Glow this weekend.
Our group had a fantastic time, and we were fortunate to catch a few steelhead on the river as well.
Please see attached a few pictures on the river, and one of the two hatchery steelhead we kept for dinner.
Unfortunately, I'm already back in NYC. It was just a quick weekend jaunt for Fri-Sun., but well worth the trip!
With any luck, we’ll be back sooner than later." John Brittain/NY, NY
Brian Sugrue and his friends have fished the Trinity for years and every time, they stay with us. This year, with very heavy rain predicted, we asked if they wanted to reschedule. They didn't. They got in two good days before the river turned into something resembling Willy Wonka's chocolate river, so Brian and company went up and fished Old Bridge to Cemetery Hole, as well as Bucktail, by us. They caught fish every day.
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