SUPs offer a great way to exercise just about your whole body without the stress of high-impact sports, and they are a lot of fun. The workout is balanced, because if you don't paddle equally on both sides, you'll go in one big circle.  
If you're looking for an education in SUPs before making a purchase, good for you. Ask us! We'd love to enlighten you and give you food for thought. Opinions vary on what's best for each intended use, but we'll help you narrow it down according to your goals. We are NRS dealers and we offer SUP demos, lessons, sales & rentals. Our guests can get a free mini-lesson and demo at our place on the calm river. 

We have both rigid and inflatable boards. Inflatables are practically impossible to hurt, inflate to surprising rigidity and they can be transported in the tiniest vehicle. It does take some juice to inflate them to the recommended pressure, which may be a challenge for small or weak paddlers (although it will get easier after a few weeks of SUPing!). If you have a helper to trade off with, the job will go quickly.

Rigid boards let you get on the water faster, but they require a vehicle with a rack (or for us to deliver them, if rented; there is a shuttle fee). Epoxy-based boards are nice and responsive, but require the most care in handling and transporting. Another type of SUP construction is a polyethylene exterior over polyurethane foam. These SUPs are incredibly tough and excellent for lake or river use where rock monsters are waiting to attack. 

SUP Rentals include a paddle, leash & life jacket for all SUPs. Inflatables come with a pump and backpack to keep everything in one place. 
$10/Hour (hourly rate only at our Bucktail location)
$40 Half Day (up to 4 hours)
$60 Full Day
RESERVATIONS ARE HELPFUL! Please call or email to make them (links below). Shuttles can be arranged and price varies depending on location as well as duration of rental, so please call for a quote.

Looking for a SUP of your own? We are NRS dealers and can help you choose a great board that is suited to your abilities now and will evolve as your skills increase.  We often have cool specials. Contact us for more information.
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